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College  English Department

College English Department(CED), one of the  largest grass-roots teaching units in Yunnan Normal University, is affiliated to the School of Foreign  Languages. CED is responsible for the teaching of college English, Vietnamese  and Thai languages for over 8,000 undergraduate students and vocational college  students in Yunnan Normal University. CED consists of The First Teaching Group, The Second Teaching Group and The Teaching Group of Southeast Asian  Languages. CED has one teaching secretary and fifty-two teachers, of whom  one is a professor; four are associate professors, thirty-nine are lecturers  and eight are teaching assistants. All the teachers under the age of 35 hold  master’s degrees.
             CED has made praiseworthy  achievements in its glorious history. In 2003, The Second Teaching Group was awarded the honor of “Advanced Unit of Civilization Construction of Chinese Women” by All-China Federation  of Trade Unions. Over ten teachers have won awards in the provincial or  university young teachers’ teaching contests. In recent years, the CET-4 /  CET-6 pass rates of the students of Yunnan   Normal University  have improved considerably. In recent years the students of this university  have made breakthroughs in “CCTV Cup” College English Speaking Contest. At  present, CED is performing a new round of teaching reform with the guidance of  “College English Curriculum Requirements” promulgated by the Ministry of  Education of the People’s Republic of China. CED is always trying to  improve the students’ overall proficiency in English and to bring their CET-4 /  CET-6 pass rates to a higher level.


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