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Department of Tourism-oriented English

Established in 1993,  this department is dedicated to the training of the students for tourism and its  related fields. It aims at training the students with a good mastery of English  and tourism knowledge. Up to now it has produced over 700 graduates who have  proved to be qualified in the tourism market. The staff consists of two  professors, two associate professors, and eight lecturers, most of whom have  conducted research programs in UK,  USA, Australia, Singapore  or Thailand.  The major publications include A Study of Intercultural Communication of  Professional Tour Guides in Yunnan, Tour-Guiding the Colorful Yunnan in English, Indigenous Ethnic Groups  in Yunnan, English Guide to Yunnan, and some audio-visual teaching  packages. The department has established good relationships and cooperation with  tourism authorities, colleges and enterprises in different provinces of China.

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