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Teaching and Research Section for Upper Grade Students    

This  section is a unit of the English Department and takes on the teaching of  compulsory and optional courses for upper grade English majors. Among all the courses,  American Literature has won the honor of “Provincial Excellent Course”, and  English Linguistics “University Excellent Course”. In addition, this section  takes charge of the supervision and management of the English majors’ teaching  practice and thesis writing in this department.
             This  section has eight professors, seven associate professors and three lecturers, each  of whom has his or her professional qualifications and academic characteristics  with praiseworthy achievements in the relevant fields. The major publications  include such works as A Study of Emily Dickinson, Interpretations of English  and American Famous Poems, Domestication in Translating English Poetry into  Regulated Chinese Verse,SPSS  Applied in Language Studies, Aspects of Western Culture, Facets of Indian  Culture, English Academic Essay Writing and Research, Social And Cultural  Mosaics of English–Speaking Countries plus over forty CSSCI papers.


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