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Teaching  and Researching Section for Fundamental Courses

    This section offers  fundamental courses to freshmen and sophomores in the School of Foreign Languages  and aims to help the students solidify their English foundation and foster good  learning habits for better upper-grade achievements.            
              This section has a team of fifteen young and qualified  teachers with good educational backgrounds, of whom six are associate  professors, one full professor and fourteen have master’s degrees and one has a  doctorate. Since 2002, eight teachers from this section have won awards in the  teaching contests organized by Yunnan Provincial Department of Education and Yunnan Normal  University, four first prizes, two  second prizes and third prizes respectively, ranking first in this aspect in  the School of Foreign Languages. For years its TEM-4  pass rate has ranked first in Yunnan   Province. In 2009, this  section won the honor of “Advanced Group of Women Teachers”.            
                       This section will follow  the educational motto of being “a teacher with profound knowledge; a model of righteousness”  and spare no effort to make itself an excellent teaching team with great  vitality.

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